What does a commercial electrical contractor do?

Ask anyone what a residential electrician does and they’ll be able to rattle off a few basic tasks – install appliances, lighting, safety switchboard repairs, inspections – but when it comes to what tasks a commercial electrician contractors can undertake, there seems to be some uncertainty.

In this article we’ll take a closer look at the tasks carried out by commercial electricians. Brisbane business owners may be surprised at the extent of the services available.

What services do Commercial Electrical Contractors in Brisbane provide?
Commercial electricians in Brisbane like Sunshine State Electrical generally specialise in providing electrical repairs, regular maintenance on a contractual or one-off basis and safety checks for commercial office buildings, retail outlets such as shopping malls, public car parks, educational institutes and hospitality venues. Sunshine State Electrical’s licensed team also designs, creates plans of action and installs electrical systems, security systems and even data cabling for uninterrupted Wi-Fi.

Commercial Electrical Contractor – Brisbane services provided by Sunshine State Electrical.

Security systems installation in Brisbane
Having an alarm system installed is one of the best ways to deter burglars and intruders. A back-to-base alarm is the fastest way to alert authorities when your business perimeter is compromised. From installation of CCTV to surveillance systems, commercial security can give you peace of mind. We can even source an alarm system for you or install pre-purchased security systems.

Commercial data cabling and communication in Brisbane
Is it time your business stopped relying on mobile hot spotting and dongles for Wi-Fi? Access to the internet has become a staple for running a business, particularly with more people returning to offices after spending most of 2020 working from home. Whether you’re relocating your commercial premises in Brisbane and you need fibre optics installed, or your current Wi-Fi connection seems to be unstable, turn to a commercial electrician. Sunshine State Electrical also designs, installs and repairs phone systems and network infrastructure such as R&M data cabling certified installation, Cat 6, Cat 6A, Cat 7 data installations and structured cabling.

MATV system installation in Brisbane
Have you ever wondered how educational institutes, hotel resorts and corporate buildings get access to TV reception in every hotel room and individual office? It’s through a system known as MATV. (Master Antenna TV system). If you own a corporate building or a chain of hotels, our commercial electrical contractors can also take care of this for you.

Testing and Tagging in Brisbane
As a business owner, you are responsible for your worker’s safety by ensuring the electrical equipment from computers to small appliances are safe for use, particularly if there is no safety switch. Testing to see that the equipment is safe and tagging to indicate the date it was tested must be carried out by a licensed commercial electrician. Brisbane business owners should be aware that office equipment like computers, printers and shredders etc, should be tested every 5 years, while commercial industry equipment should be tested twice a year.

Code compliance in Brisbane
If you’re taking over a new commercial premises or building a new office, it’s important to ensure your electrical wiring is code compliant. Taking shortcuts or using electrical contractors in Brisbane that don’t have the correct licenses can result in serious fines and penalties if injury or death of a worker is a result of electrical systems not meeting industry standards.

Contractual electrical maintenance in Brisbane
If you’re time-poor and don’t have the time to remember to schedule testing and tagging, or even the simplest tasks like changing office LED lighting, you can employ a commercial electrician to schedule visits to premises to carry out electrical maintenance. At Sunshine State Electrical, our team will schedule regular visits where we can check that all your lights are working and if they aren’t changing bulbs and fix anything else that needs repairs while we are onsite.


If you’re looking for reliable commercial electrical contractors in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, talk to the team at Sunshine State Electrical today.