6 Signs Your Residential Electrician Needs To Upgrade Your Electrical Switchboard

There are several signs Brisbane homeowners need to be aware of that indicate your electrical switchboard isn’t up to the job. An electrical fault could result in major damage to your whitegoods, and electronics or worse case scenario—result in an electrical fire destroying your entire home. In this article, we will outline the 6 signs your residential electrician needs to upgrade your switchboard.

Why your switchboard may need to be upgraded
Many of the switchboards in older style Queenslander homes haven’t been designed to cope with the demands of today’s technology. So when the dishwasher’s on a wash cycle, the coffee is percolating, the kids are watching the 86” LCD TV and the lights start flickering or the fuse blows—something’s not right. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and all it takes is a phone call to Sunshine State Electrical for a safety inspection.

6 Signs Your Residential Electrician need to upgrade your electrical switchboard:

1. Lights that flicker on and off/brown outs
Sometimes light flickering can be due to too many people in your neighbourhood drawing down too much power from the grid at the same time, but chances are it could also be from a malfunctioning appliance or your switchboard is coping with the amount of power required to keep up with the demands from your family. At Sunshine State Electrical, it only takes a quick phone call to organise an electrical inspection from our residential electrician. Brisbane homeowners to the Gold Coast can trust that we’ll get to the bottom of any electrical problem allowing you to sleep easy.

2. When electrical appliances trip power outages
As we’ve already discussed, older style electrical switchboards are not designed to cope with the modern conveniences installed in most Brisbane and Gold Coast homes. On a typical busy morning, you might have the air conditioner or dehumidifier running, the coffee machine grinding your favourite beans for your morning caffeine hit, the dishwasher has just launched into a full cycle and trying to multitask, you plug in a hairdryer! Suddenly the power to the whole house shuts down. You may have just tripped a fuse, but if it’s a short circuit, it could result in a fire.

3. Outdated ceramic fuses
Ceramic fuses delicately suspend a rated-fuse wire between two screws in a ceramic casing. If you see ceramic fuses or actual wires, it’s often a good way to determine the age of the switchboard. While these types of switchboards generally protect against overloading, they don’t stop you from being electrocuted. [INSERT PICTURES COMPARING MODERN VS OUTDATED SWITCHBOARD] Make sure your home has been upgraded to Queensland electrical safety standards. Choose a residential electrician in Brisbane who is licensed to carry out this type of switchboard upgrade.

4. Overcrowded switchboards
It’s time for an electrical switchboard upgrade when there’s no room left on your switchboard to add additional fuses. While this might not seem like a huge deal, it can be annoying if you’re renovating and want to add another fuses for your brand new hot tub installation, solar installation or swimming pool renovations that include a new pump and outdoor lighting. Overloading fuses can be risky and result in appliances being damaged or electrical fires.

5. Lightning strikes
Queensland is renowned for his severe storms and fork lightning. If your property has been storm damaged or affected by a lightning strike, verification tests need to be carried out on your switchboard, wiring and electrical appliances before reinstating the power. A licensed residential electrician in Brisbane will need to perform an inspection and issue you with a Certificate of Testing before your Queesland electricity distributor will reconnect you to the grid. Queensland law requires all modern switchboards be fitted with a safety switch so in the event of a lightning strike or power surge, it will trip the power immediately. If you’re unsure whether your home meets Queensland’s electrical safety standards, please contact us today for an inspection.

6. Burning smells or sparking
If you smell burning or sparking, this is an electrical emergency! Generally burning smells such as burnt plastic or a chemical smell may be attributed to overheating or wiring. Buzzing noises or sparking should be immediately investigated by a licensed residential electrician. Brisbane and Gold Coast locals should add Sunshine State Electrical to their speed dial so in the event of an electrical emergency, you’re not panicking trying to hunt for the number.

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